Posted by: frankpt | May 19, 2012

Quick notes to anyone out there

Hey again,

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. Progress has slowed to an unfortunate halt as I get worse. However I am going to try and get back into it. Thanks for your patience. 

Posted by: frankpt | January 11, 2012

Weapon mounted accesories

I know its been a while, but I am slowly finishing off models. I am so near to the end, and then I can start all the texturing. Here are a few samples from the past few days:

An Peq 15 IR illuminator + visible laser

Hellfighter HID weapon mounted light. Most likley will be restricted to use only with heavy weapons such as the MAG 58, Minimi and M60


Posted by: frankpt | December 10, 2011


100 views on this blog now, its pretty good! So today, rather than the arts showcase I have been showing you over the past few months, I decided to show you some concept diagrams:

This is the concept for the weapon selection, some important aspects are the selectable ammunition, deciding how many magazines you carry (the +1 indicates one is already in the weapon), as well as the custom weapon camouflage. It also clearly defines the relationship that the more equipment you have, the slower you go, and I plan to make that relationship quite substantial, so much that the walking speed at 0% capacity would be the same as the running speed at 100% capacity!


This is the Heads Up display I threw together, the key points on this is that it is relatively simple and open planned. Your current weapon is in a highlighted state, mag number next to the weapon and rounds in the mag on the left of the line. I think this will be a really simple system to read and understand. I might even have the weapon selection key next to it, for easier access. The compass is at the top, and it shows what way you are facing. The red dots indicate where you were shot from, and their elevation. I prefer this over a minimap because I think it makes everything simpler and, in real life, you dont get a minimap. However, there will be a map avaliable in a pause menu.


All these concepts are in no way definite, and subject to change. Any feedback, feel free to drop a comment.



Posted by: frankpt | December 3, 2011

Beretta Showcase

Well, goals are being met faster than I thought they would. Today I finished my last unique firearm: the Beretta 92fs (also known as the M9 in the United States military). I am very happy with how it turned out. All I have to do now is a few meele weapons, and then I can work onto scaling, tweaking, standardizing, UV mapping, disassembling, then finally converting. Of course somewhere in there is a bit of planning, but now it is a race of whether my health will recover before or after I finish all this modelling, or vice versa. Stay tuned 🙂

Posted by: frankpt | November 25, 2011

Grenade launcher Showcase

Here are the two 40mm grenade launchers that will be found in the game. The M79 will be more accurate, however the GL06 will have a much faster reload time and mobility. Stay tuned, I might post some of the other types of grenade launchers as well!

Posted by: frankpt | November 17, 2011


Well, here is todays work, two combat knives. I think I will add more knives that other countries use as bayonets, too. Other than that, there are more melee dedicated weapons in the way.

Posted by: frankpt | November 16, 2011

HK416 Model showcase

Here is todays work: HK416, 10.5 inch barrel, stock retracted, iron sights. As with previous models, yet to be textured, but still a good days work in my opinion 😀

Hope you enjoy it, stay tuned for more models soon. I might upload some level concepts eventually, too.

Posted by: frankpt | November 14, 2011

New (temporary) logo

New (temporary) logo

Today, I wrapped up the torsos and clothes, started on the UZI, and made this cool logo to finish off the day. I am quite happy with it, but a perfect logo will come out when the full game is released. Remember, Oaklands and Spindle are two separate things: Spindle is the game company, Oaklands is the game itself.

In other news, looks like the game AND level editor might be going towards a rewrite when I get into a condition where I can sit at a desktop and program. I managed to have a quick overview at what I had, and it is all inefficiency and wont work with the new features that I want to add – so it will be a million times better when I release the next version!!

Posted by: frankpt | November 8, 2011

Female characters

Yesterday and today I finished with the female torso and associated clothes. Here are just a few possible combinations. Remember these haven’t been textured, when in game (and not rendered by the modelling program) it will look 20 times better 😀

I will hopefully finish the rest of the male and big male clothes very soon and post photos up.

Posted by: frankpt | November 6, 2011

Some numbers

Ok, I thought I would make the scope of what I plan for the next release and how big it will be.

67 weapons, including 8 sniper rifles, 6 machine guns, 3 variants of a grenade, 3 specialty grenades. 22 of these weapons will have to be unlocked by using other weapons.

20 different weapon sights, all with custom rectiles and custom colours. Stand out sights include thermal sights, ACOG and ELCAN.

5 other attachments for your weapons (don’t count on m203 or under barrel shotguns, maybe in a later release)

28 weapon “skins” or “camoflauges” that can be applied to your weapon for it to blend in to the surroundings.

Suits, hoodies, polar jackets, thermal vests, ballistic vests and overcoats are only a few of the accessories that will customize your character.

3 multiplayer levels to start off with. Mission mode will allow for single player fun.

There is so much to get excited about, stay tuned while I keep making resources and then when I get better, put it all together.

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